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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rainbow Awards and Reviews

Hello everybody, I'm so excited it's not even funny. I can't believe that both Ghosts in the Wind and Make Me Whole are finalists in the 2013 Rainbow Awards!

There are so many other wonderful books that are listed and I am so honored to be among them.

Now if only I could find the patience to wait till December. It's not my strongest suit, but GRL is around the corner and I'm so excited. This year I get to introduce my husband to some of the madness. Since we're going to be near his family, he's coming with me.

On other notes, I've received some fabulous reviews for Make Me Whole. I'm so happy, I fell in love with Galen and Nick, but I wondered if them working through their relationship issues would get to be tiresome, because they do work and then talk about it often. But I like to write about relationships that feel real to me and sometimes that means hashing it out.

So if you're of a mind to check it out and hear a little more about the boys, check them out.

Life Your Life, Buy the Book
Joyfully Jay

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's Release Day! Playing Ball is Available Now!

Whoohoo, I'm so excited. Putting this anthology together has been one fun ride. I had so much fun with Shae Connor, Kate McMurray and Kerry Freeman. Without further ado, here are the links:

Print Book

And don't forget today's stop on the blog tour. Today Kate and I are at The Armchair Reader discussing our love for rival teams. :D

The Yankees and The Red Sox

And don't forget to enter our Rafflecopter contest!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Playing Ball Contest!

To celebrate the release of PLAYING BALL and our blog tour, Shae, Kate, Kerry, and I have put together a pretty awesome giveaway.

Grand prize: A print copy of PLAYING BALL signed by all four authors, a unisex BBQ apron featuring hot athletes from Originals by Lauren, and swag from all four authors.

Runner-up prize: An ebook copy of PLAYING BALL and swag from all four authors.

The giveaway will run from 12AM Central on September 21, 2013 to 12AM Central on October 11, 2013. To give an opportunity for the authors to get together to sign the book and gather swag, the winners will be picked and the prizes shipped after the end of GayRomLit 2013.

But there are some rules:

You must be a resident of Earth, 18 years or older, who lives in a place where the viewing of adult material is legal. By entering the giveaway, you are indicating your agreement to the rules. Winners must provide a physical mailing address to receive their prizes. If a winner does not respond to the prize notification within 48 hours, the prize will be re-awarded.

Good luck!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Launch of the Playing Ball Blog Tour!

Hello everybody. I am sorry for the late update. I didn’t have internet access this morning like I thought I would, so this is the first chance I had to get online. For the first several days of the Playing Ball blog tour, Shae, Kate, Kerry and I are posting excerpts to introduce our respective stories. My story, Wild Pitch, is about two best friends who played together for years and now that they are retired, they are finding themselves dealing with emotions they thought they left behind them.

Ruben Martell fell in love with Alan Hartner during their years playing baseball. They stepped over the foul line once, but the encounter left them struggling with heartache and guilt, turning away from each other to focus on their families. Now retired from the majors, they run a batting cage together and coach rival Little League teams as they juggle fatherhood and being single again. Though Ruben has never given up hope that Alan might look at him as more than a friend, Alan seems determined to keep things the way they’ve always been. But long-buried feelings and desires have a way of resurfacing, and Ruben can't wait forever.

In this excerpt Ruben heads to Alan’s house against his better judgment and finds himself in a situation that immediately eases his mood. I hope you enjoy.

* * * * *

FROM the backyard, Ruben heard the roar of a major battle taking place, the high-pitched gleeful shrieks of young boys mixed with Alan’s shouts of defiance. He grabbed the six-pack from the passenger seat and went around the side of Alan’s house to investigate. It might be safer to take refuge on the deck and watch the chaos until they noticed he’d arrived.

Ruben slipped through the gate and stopped with a laugh at the sight of the full blown water war taking place. Alan had barricaded himself behind the picnic table turned on its side, and his three older sons were attempting to swarm him with water guns. None of them saw Ruben come in. The boys were too intent on getting to their victim and Alan in holding them off.

Alan jumped up with a roar, water balloons in both hands, and Brett, Mikey, and Seth scattered with another round of shrieks. Alan tossed his first round of ammunition, catching both Mikey and Seth, though Brett danced out of reach with a taunt before reaching down to grab more ammunition.

Ruben grinned and set the beers on the deck with a wicked sense of bubbling anticipation. It pulled him out of the downward spiral of nagging regrets and the sense of hopelessness that had dogged him for the past couple of weeks. It was impossible to remain depressed around Alan and his sons.

The youngest boy, Matt, was with Alan, attempting to carry the water balloons off one by one. He was soaked to the skin, breaking most of the balloons as he hugged them to him while trying to toddle away. The only one not wet was Alan, and that couldn’t be allowed.

Humming to himself, Ruben unwound the garden hose from its neat coil under the back faucet. Matt grabbed another water balloon, caught sight of Ruben, and let out a crow of delight. Ruben held a finger to his lips and beckoned to him as he turned on the water. Oh this was going to be so good.

“Unca, Unca!” Matt yelled, dropping the water balloon and waving his chubby hands as he toddled toward Ruben as fast as his short, fat legs would take him.

Alan twisted around, looking for Matt, and his gaze fell on Ruben as he pointed the hose at him. He had just enough time for his eyes to widen before Ruben turned the nozzle on full blast with a wicked laugh. The stream of water caught Alan square in the chest, and he shouted as the boys whooped in delight.

“You double crossing—” Alan cut himself off before he let loose the slew of curses that would’ve once dominated his tirade. Ruben snickered and kept the hose on him as Alan’s boys came in with their water guns to finish him off.

Alan grabbed a water balloon and threw it at Ruben, who sidestepped it with a chuckle. “Your pitching sucks, Hartner,” Ruben taunted.

“Yeah? Dodge this.” Alan grabbed more ammunition and barreled forward with the burst of speed he’d once used to steal bases.

“Whoo-hoo!” Brett shouted, turning his water gun on Ruben. “Get Uncle Ruben too!”

Ruben cursed under his breath and took a step back even as he knew it was too late. Alan pelted him with the water balloons and then tackled him to the ground. Of all the fantasies he’d had over the years of Alan taking him down like this, none of them had involved water balloons or four shrieking boys in the background.

He stamped on his libido and pulled the trigger of the nozzle as Alan tried to wrest the hose away from Ruben. Water, just above freezing, went everywhere, soaking them both and Ruben let out a startled shout from the shock. He relinquished the hose and shoved Alan off him with a laugh.

“You do realize I’m the only one at this madhouse without a change of clothes, right?”

“You’ll dry out in the sun. There’s a nice breeze coming off the lake.” Alan sat up and gave him a friendly shove back. “You should’ve stayed out of it if you didn’t want the consequences.”

“Please. You all would’ve involved me the moment you saw me, unless I took refuge in the house.”

Alan grinned, his entire expression engaging, and for a moment the familiar camaraderie was there, the kind they’d had before things had gotten to be so complicated. Ruben missed that, the friendship without old guilt, the enjoyment of being in Alan’s presence without his feelings being muddled by sexual tension and longing for more.

He only had himself to blame for any awkwardness between them. He never should’ve kissed Alan that night, no matter how much the memory of that kiss had been seared into his brain.

“Hey, you okay?” Alan nudged Ruben’s elbow with his own.

Ruben pulled himself out of his depressing thoughts and met Alan’s concerned gaze. “Yeah.”
“It’s not your shoulder, is it?”

Ruben forced a smile and got to his feet. “Despite last year’s surgery, my shoulder is faring better than my knees. I’m good.” The memory of being forced out by younger, stronger m
en had ceased to sting awhile ago. The rehab hadn’t helped him get his fastball back up to speed, and neither had the surgery. Alan’s offer of a partnership had given him something to work toward instead of pining for a career that had slipped away.

Besides, he couldn’t complain. He wasn’t the only one who’d had to quit playing professionally. At least his kids still had both their parents, even if one was in Florida and the other in Vermont. Alan had been forced to do it all on his own, and Ruben hadn’t heard him bitch once about how his life had been turned around inside out.

“Then what is it?” Alan asked in a low voice as he stood up as well. He shrugged out of his wet T-shirt and tossed the thin cotton over his shoulder. Ruben looked away from his broad shoulders and trim waist, squashing the familiar tug of longing. “You used to tell me everything, Ruben.”

There used to be a time when Ruben could tell him everything, but he wasn’t about to pressure Alan with the stupid, unrequited love whine. He knew where Alan stood when it came to the two of them and that was okay. Ruben’s “what ifs” were all his own. But if anybody would understand how much Ruben missed his kids, it would be his best friend.

“I will,” Ruben assured him. “Just not now. Later, when the boys are in bed. Right now I just want to chill and break out the grill.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” Alan turned his gaze on Matt, who was attempting to run and hold onto his falling diaper at the same time. “First, I have a renegade to take care of before he decides to strip naked.”

* * * * *

Next up on the tour, the lovely Shae Connor! Now for everyone who comments on our blogs or follows us on Twitter or Facebook, they get entered into our Raffle with two fabulous prizes at the end!

Monday, August 26, 2013

"Make Me Whole" - Release Day and Guest Posts

Cover art by Melissa Gay
Make Me Whole
My newsest book, a paranormal romance just came out with Dreamspinner Press today! I'm so excited. I hope you all enjoy Galen and Nick, Dexios and Lykon as much as I did.
After a grueling battle in ancient Greece, lovers Dexios and Lykon committed their lives to each other in the name of Goddess Cythera. After the war, fearing the strength of his love for Dexios, Lykon abandoned his vow and returned home. Heartbroken, Dexios called on Cythera, who changed him into four unfinished statues. In that form he would wait for his fickle lover to return, break the curse, and make him whole.

Thousands of years have passed when Galen Kanellis finds the disassembled pieces in the storeroom of a Seattle museum and makes them the focus of his new exhibit. Needing information, he contacts his ex-lover Nick Charisteas. Nick has a lifelong dream of finding the Dexios Collection, and the last thing he expected was for it to wind up in the hands of the man who broke his heart. As both men search for answers about the statues, worries of abandonment and fear of loss test their renewed relationship, threatening to separate them again—this time permanently.

And I'm on the lovely Joyfully Jay's website today with a guest post and maybe giving away a little something. :-D Stop on by and comment.

Joyfully Jay

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cover Reveal - Playing Ball

Cover by Aaron Anderson
The baseball collaboration with the wonderful Shae Connor, Kate McMurray and Kerry Freeman will be released on September 25th! Look at the absolutely beautiful cover that Aaron Anderson did for us. I love the simplicity of it and the way it’s just about the best sport out there. I had a chance to read everyone else’s story, and let me tell you, you’re in for a real treat.

We all had a fabulous time putting this together even if it was a bit hectic at moments. So let me know what you think and tell me who your favorite team is, or favorite player, or position. I think you all already know who I favor.


Home Field Advantage by Shae Connor

Toby MacMillan, grandson of Atlanta Braves owner Ray MacMillan, lives for baseball and loves his team. When he meets new team member Caleb Browning, an innocent welcome-to-the-big-leagues dinner leads to a not-so-innocent night together. Toby quickly calls things off, afraid of the ramifications of their tryst, but the two men develop a friendship that soon becomes more. After Caleb takes a fastball to the head, their budding romance hits the news—and Toby’s grandfather hits the roof. When Ray MacMillan demands Toby deny the relationship, Toby must choose between the team he’s loved all his life and the man he could love for the rest of it.

One Man to Remember by Kate McMurray

It's 1927, and in New York City Babe Ruth and the Yankee's unstoppable batting lineup, Murderers' Row, is all anyone can talk about. Across town, the Giants' rookie infielder Skip Littlefield racks up hits, creating a streak to rival the Babe’s. Worried his secrets could get out, he avoids the spotlight, but he catches the attention of lauded sports reporter Walter Selby, a notorious dandy whose sexuality is an open secret. Skip reluctantly agrees to an interview, and mutual attraction is sparked. Skip can only hope the more charismatic stars will draw attention away from his romance with Walt. Otherwise, his career and everything he loves is at stake.

One Last Road Trip by Kerry Freeman

With the last game of his Major League Baseball career behind him, Jake Wilson hits the road. Years have passed, but he’s never gotten over the romance he shared with Mikko Niemi back in college. Finally, he's ready to do something about it. He starts with some crucial visits to his ex-wife in New Mexico, his son in Oklahoma, and his daughter in Tennessee. But his true destination is Mikko's home in Georgia, where he's hoping to get a second chance at love.

Wild Pitch by Marguerite Labbe

Ruben Martell fell in love with Alan Hartner during their years playing baseball. They stepped over the foul line once, but the encounter left them struggling with heartache and guilt, turning away from each other to focus on their families. Now retired from the majors, they run a batting cage together and coach rival Little League teams as they juggle fatherhood and being single again. Though Ruben has never given up hope that Alan might look at him as more than a friend, Alan seems determined to keep things the way they’ve always been. But long-buried feelings and desires have a way of resurfacing, and Ruben can't wait forever.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Of Dreams and Plot Bunnies

My brain can give me some truly screwed up ideas for plots and my dreams sometimes scare the heebie-jeebies out of me. See this is the kind of plot bunny I'd like to visit me. Isn't he adorable? So sweet and innocent and unable to resist. I'm sure there are writers out there that get plot bunnies like that, but not me. No, my bunnies are a whole different ilk and they play very well with my muses who are demanding themselves, demanding, arrogant and OCD, and they never shut the fuck up. Now below, that's the usual kind of plot bunny I get.

Monday, August 19, 2013

One Week and Counting

Pre-Order Link, Cover Art by Melissa Gay
Hello everybody!

Whooohooo, Make Me Whole is going to be released one week from today. I don't know about y'all, but I'm wiggling with excitement. And during release week I'll be on Joyfully Jay that Monday and on The Armchair Reader that Wednesday giving away a copy each so stop by and check it out.

After a grueling battle in ancient Greece, lovers Dexios and Lykon committed their lives to each other in the name of Goddess Cythera. After the war, fearing the strength of his love for Dexios, Lykon abandoned his vow and returned home. Heartbroken, Dexios called on Cythera, who changed him into four unfinished statues. In that form he would wait for his fickle lover to return, break the curse, and make him whole.

Thousands of years have passed when Galen Kanellis finds the disassembled pieces in the storeroom of a Seattle museum and makes them the focus of his new exhibit. Needing information, he contacts his ex-lover Nick Charisteas. Nick has a lifelong dream of finding the Dexios Collection, and the last thing he expected was for it to wind up in the hands of the man who broke his heart. As both men search for answers about the statues, worries of abandonment and fear of loss test their renewed relationship, threatening to separate them again—this time permanently.

I have a few other things going on this week. Tomorrow I'll be talking about "Dreams and Plot Bunnies," Wednesday I have a surprise :-D so be sure to stop by and check it out, Thursday I'll be discussing Kim Knox's new m/m release Agamemnon Frost. If you've never read her before, I'm telling you she's awesome.

Ooooh, and if you're interested in contest, the amazing C.M. Torrens is doing a giveaway on her blog this week. She's giving away a copy of her spicy little short "One Night to Change." Plus at the end of the month she's giving away a gift card to a commenter so stop by. http://cmtorrens.com/.

I think that's all for today. Edits are done, whoohooo, vacation is coming double whoohooo! So maybe I'll stop running around like a maniacal lemming.



Thursday, August 1, 2013

Giveaways and Appearances Oh My!

There's been so much going on lately that I don't know if I'm coming or going. First I had edits for Make Me Whole then for Wild Pitch, then back to the first story and so on. Plus July is the busiest month of the year for me at the EDJ. No kidding, it's been crazy. But July is over and August is here. I've turned 39 and managed to lose a few more pounds so I feel like celebrating.

I have two giveaways going on at Goodreads, one for my old book Ghosts in the Wind, which is one of my all time favorites and the other for Make Me Whole since it's going to be released from Dreampsinner Press at the end of the month. Here's the link: Make Me Whole. I'm pretty excited. On top of all of that I'm doing my first public reading this weekend at the Outwrite Book Festival in DC. The reading and panel are taking place on Friday night and the Book Fair is on Saturday.

So if you're interested in a signed print copy of either book here are the links:

Make Me Whole
Ghosts in the Wind

More later.



Monday, July 8, 2013

Story Picture Monday - Make Me Whole

I'm waiting on the second round of edits for the museum story and I've got my official blurb back for it:

After a grueling battle in ancient Greece, lovers Dexios and Lykon committed their lives to each other in the name of Goddess Cythera. After the war, fearing the strength of his love for Dexios, Lykon abandoned his vow and returned home. Heartbroken, Dexios called on Cythera, who changed him into four unfinished statues. In that form he would wait for his fickle lover to return, break the curse, and make him whole. 

Thousands of years have passed when Galen Kanellis finds the disassembled pieces in the storeroom of a Seattle museum and makes them the focus of his new exhibit. Needing information, he contacts his ex-lover Nick Charisteas. Nick has a lifelong dream of finding the Dexios Collection, and the last thing he expected was for it to wind up in the hands of the man who broke his heart. As both men search for answers about the statues, worries of abandonment and fear of loss test their renewed relationship, threatening to separate them again—this time permanently.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Playing Ball - Baseball Anthology

I love baseball, but that's no surprise there :-D. For me there's nothing like spending a summer night
at a game, enjoying the heat and the rivalries. I'm lucky that a minor league stadium was built within biking distance of my house and the tickets are very affordable. I don't get to go to a major league game as often as I would like.
Last fall I got into a conversation with some other big baseball fans and the idea of an anthology was born. Last night Shae, Kerry, Kate and I received our edits so we're hard at work polishing these bad boys up so it'll be out in time for post-season madness. :-D
So just a little teaser, but these are the blurbs for the stories in our anthologies.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Cover Art - Make Me Whole

Isn't it amazing? This cover was commissioned by Melissa Gay and she did a fabulous job capturing the essence of the story. I'm so excited. Even the rough version that was originally sent blew me away.

I also received edits for the story on Friday so I'm hoping to get them done soon and hoping to get the official blurb. But for now, I'm content to ogle poor lonely Dexios a little bit longer.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Story Picture Monday - Until the Lilacs Bloom

Ever since my son was a few years old we'd go to the Outer Banks for a week with some friends from high school and college. At first we used to go around Mother's Day, until the year it storm almost the entire week, then we switched to the fall and now go Labor Day week. We've arrived twice right after a hurricane, but we've been lucky to have sunny days while we are there.

We love the Outer Banks. It's quiet and laid back. I really get a chance to relax there. Some nights we go out, other nights we go to the farmer's market and the whole gang eats around the table. We look forward to this trip the entire year. Twelve weeks and counting till the next one!

I took these pictures the last night we were on vacation the last time we were in the Outer Banks. We've been all up and down the coast but I believe this time we were around Nags Head.

The Outer Banks is the setting in two stories actually. The final third of Ghosts in the Wind took place here as Andrei hunted down a killer. But in my new story, Until the Lilacs Bloom, it's a much more peaceful setting. In fact, it's on a summer night just like this where AJ and Trey share their first kiss. They'd taken the Jeep out after dinner to have a little privacy to talk and figure out their attraction to each other. Then stretched out on the blanket and watched the waves come in.
I wish you could see the colors in the water the way I'd seen them that night and the way Trey sees them. These pictures don't do it justice at all.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday - Until the Lilacs Bloom

Until the Lilacs Bloom is a story that I’ve been poking at for years. It was originally a coming of age story, but it’s involved to follow the two friends, AJ and Trey, through a couple of decades after Trey’s battle with childhood cancer. In the first third, which is the part I’m working on now, they’re spending the summer in the Outer Banks, after Trey goes into remission. AJ is getting ready for college and trying to come to terms with his sexuality. And Trey is trying to picture a life ahead of him and learning to exert his independence again.

* * * * *

“If I get sick again you won’t stop being my friend will you?”

The question speared through him with a profound shock and all thoughts of kissing the afternoon away disappeared. AJ frowned and started to say that Trey wasn’t going to get sick again then stopped himself. It’s not what Trey asked and the bullshit response would probably just irk him. Whether or not he got sick again was out of their hands entirely, they couldn’t control that, but he could give him other assurances. “Yeah, I’ll still be your friend.” 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Contests and Excerpts

Today I'm blogging at Book Brew with the Coffee Crew with a whole bunch of other authors. This month's theme is cops and detectives. The Coffee Crew at is giving away a $25 gift certificate to one random commenter and other authors are giving away a few prizes as well.

I'm posting two excerpts from Ghosts in the Wind and giving away some copies of the book. Stop by at http://coffeetimeromance.com/CoffeeThoughts and read all the fun stuff going on. If you're interested in winning a copy of my ghost story, the first post I put up is titled "Ghosts and Detectives" the other one that I'll upload before I leave work today is "Love Stories."

I hope you enjoy and good luck!



Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mancandy Thursday

I can't figure out how to load things on Pinterest. It keeps freezing, but I have discovered how to find things and this is one that immediately grabbed me. Amazing isn't it? He needs a story. 

If anyone wants to drop a prompt idea I'll put it in the plot bunny hutch and see if anything breeds out of it.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Updates – Submissions and Paperwork Oh My

Please excuse me if I come across a little punch drunk in this post. I’m coming off of several months worth of conventions, deadlines and… there was something else in that list but my mind seems to have let it fade away. Needless to say, it’s been a very hectic, but fun time and I’m ready for a bit of a break.
I know I mentioned that I recently signed a contract with Dreamspinner Press for Make Me Whole which I think is coming out sometime in August. I just finished the paper with details for the cover and somewhere in the last couple of weeks I did the paperwork for the blurb. Thank the lord for people who write blurbs, if it were up to me it wouldn’t sound nearly as interesting. So I’m hoping, soon, to have things to share with you. Plus I heard that the translation for All Bets Are Off into Italian is going well too. I’m still ridiculously excited about that.

I believe I mentioned my baseball themed novella, which I did end up naming Wild Pitch. (Hee that rhymes. See K-lee, sometimes I can rhyme!) I finally finished that on Monday night after spending three days in Myrtle Beach for XCon. The best part about the trip was getting to hang with William Cooper again (who is always fun) and meeting Michael Knost who shared a table with my husband.

So that’s the newest info. Later on this week I’ll download some of the pictures from the cons and share them so you can see the depth of my geekiness. If you haven’t already figured it out. I’m sure you have, I’m pretty blatant about it.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Six Paragraph Sunday - Make Me Whole

Hello everybody, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there. We had a nice low key day, my husband made breakfast, my son fetched coffee with me. Then we had two dinners, one with my mom and sisters, then immediately after, with my mother and sister in law. Needless to say I’m stuffed silly, but we all had a good time together.
In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m posting six paragraphs instead of sentences from Make Me Whole. Galen is waiting at the hospital for news of his friend and is desperate need of some comfort from his mother.
I should be getting edits for the museum story soon. I’m looking forward to diving back into their story. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday – Wild Pitch/Limbo

Hello everybody, I know I've been quiet lately. There's been so much going on, but I'll update you later in the week with all the exciting news. But for now, here's a little bit from my baseball themed novella. I'm going back and forth between two titles Wild Pitch and Limbo. So you might see it posted as either. I'm hoping by the time I finish the rough I'll have settled on one. The deadline for this is very tight, that's one of the reasons why I've been so quiet. That and work is crazy. I'll be happy when things settle down some. But for now, here's my Six Sentence Sunday and the rough blurb. I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Updates - Lots of Exciting Things Lately

Though of course as I sit down to write this, some of what I wanted to report is slipping my mind. I need a cute keeper, or at least write these things down as they come to me. Oh well, the first exciting news, which might not really be news since I'd already twittered it, is that All Bets Are Off is being translated. I'm so excited that I haven't been able to contain myself. :-D I can't wait to see how it looks. First, it'll be in Italian, but Spanish, French and German will follow.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Risks of Substituting for Your Son's Class

So my husband has recently started working again. He’s substitute teaching in our county and still working on getting his comics going. He’s come home with some great stories and he seems to be really enjoying himself, though he’s having some encounters he never expected. Last Friday he was subbing at my son’s school, running the computer lab. And my son’s class happened to have computer lab that day. In the midst of doing their projects, one little girl called my husband over, now this particular little girl has had a crush on my son for ages, and so has her friend.

Little girl: “Can I ask you a question and will you tell me the truth?”
Husband: “Sure. What do you need?”
Little girl points to her friend who is listening to the conversation: “Which one of us do you think Chris should get with?”
My husband blinks several times as he scrambles for an answer. “Um, I’m staying out that. That’s between you, her and Chris.”

The little girl actually took that in stride and thanked my husband, lol. But I’m seriously starting to get visions of how crazy it’s going to be in a few years. I’m not sure I’m ready for it.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Story Picture Monday - Galen and Nick

 Wow, this might be the last Make Me Whole story picture Monday since I'm going to be submitting this week. I'm going to kind of miss these two. They were a pain at times, but I really grew to love them.

So the first character is Galen Kanellis. In my original plot Nick wasn't supposed to show up until the very end as the reincarnation of Dexios. So Galen was the first to occupy my thoughts. I don't normally like blond's all that much, but I loved this guys cheekbones, the sweep of his hair and that sensual mouth. I actually had this picture from the beginning. He's a little too unapproachable pretty.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday – Make Me Whole

So I finished the 3rd draft on Saturday and now I’m working on finishing up the synopsis and blurb and doing a final read through before it’s due on Thursday. So I thought I’d celebrate by sharing the first two paragraphs of the first chapter.  Enjoy!
* * * * *
Galen Kanellis stared at the four huge unmarked packing crates that filled the museum’s small storage room to the point where he had just enough space between each crate to slip through to open them. He scratched his head, frowned and tried to remember what he’d ordered that would take up so much room. They were good on supplies for the studio, and the gallery gift shop had more than enough stock. Besides, nothing he ordered would’ve come in crates about to fall apart.
“Suzane,” he called out to his personal assistant as he grabbed a crowbar. “I thought we weren’t going to have the pieces for the new exhibit shipped until Ella had a chance to do the mural. Are any of the boys still here? I’m going to need some help.”
* * * * *
I’ve kind of missed blogging more often. It had been fun. When I’m editing it is very consuming, add in the day job, and mommy/wife things and the first thing to go is the website. But now that it’s done, I’m free to inflict myself upon here for awhile. :-D

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Belated Update

I'm sorry I've been quiet the last couple of weeks. Work has been very hectic. One of the other legal secretary went off to explore the Maldives. (She has the most amazing adventures. I keep telling her that she needs to write a juicy memoir about all the things that she's done, and she always laughs at me.) But since she was gone, I had my attorneys and her attorneys and they've kept me hopping. Yay for some overtime and extra money, but it certainly wore me out. And when I got home, I tried to cram in what writing and editing I could. So it's been crazy.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Story Picture Monday - Dark Things - Château des Ombres

So I’m looking for pictures of the Château des Ombres. When I originally came up with the idea for the Gothic story it was set in London. It’s been rattling around in the back of my mind for about two years now. Someone on the Nanowrimo forums had made a wallpaper calendar with a creepy, old rambling house. I loved that place and had it on my desktop at work long after the calendar was useful. That’s the house I’d planned on using for my new Dark Things. 

So I’ve been googling images and found a couple that made me go ooohh. But if anybody comes across some that they think are moody I’d love it if you send it my way. I like to do storyboards when I’m working.

The story is going pretty good so far. I hope I can keep up this progress.  I like the darker stone in the first picture and since a fog plays a big part in the story, I love the way this château is shrouded in it. This picture here is lighter, but I like it because there are parts of the château that are covered in ivy, so it definitely goes on the storyboard. As for the last one, it's just atmospheric isn't it?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday - Dark Things

So I started two new stories this week, the first one is a novel tentatively titled Dark Things. I’ve had the idea rattling around my head for awhile, but it was a call from Amber Quill Press for a Gothic Romance that made it finally gel in my mind. These sentences are from the first chapter where Michel-Léon’s valet expresses his concern over Michel-Léon’s duties as a Chevalier de Rouen.

* * * * *

Janvier frowned as he stared at the envelope. “If I may… I never involved myself in your father’s affairs out of both respect and fear. He sought dark things and those things ate his soul raw. I watched him die two deaths and could nothing to stop either.” He looked at Michel-Léon, his blue eyes clouded with age and worry. “I will not lose you the same way, Michel-Léon, not on that same dark path.”

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday Mancandy

Oh my look at this one. As soon as I saw it I went ooohh. It kind of fits the Gothic story I'm working on, metaphorically. There's the dark old house on his arm, and Michel-Léon has made himself a virtual prisoner. Blinding and muting himself to what's going on outside.

Chris finds me the neatest pictures.  What do you think of this one?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Updates

I have been a busy, busy bee lately. My boys were sick over the weekend so they occupied a lot of my attention. This was the first time my son ever had the stomach flu and I'm pretty sure he was convinced that he dying. (He's a tad on the dramatic side.) And at work one of the other legal secretaries is out exploring the Maldives for the next two weeks, so I have her attorneys to support as well. It's been hectic, so hectic.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Excerpt - Fortunate Son

I have to admit, this short story is one of my favorites that I wrote with Fae. I’d always hoped we’d do more with Ricky and Charlie, but we got caught up in other projects. And the soundtrack for this one was so much fun to do. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Mancandy

This particular picture is brought to you courtesy of my husband.  I love the pose, the look on his face and the environment. This is definitely the kind of picture that makes a person come up with plots for stories.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Updates

Whoohoo, I finished the 2nd draft of "Make Me Whole" today and sent it off to beta readers. Which means I suppose that I need to finish the synopsis and work on the blurb. While I'm waiting to get back some feedback on the draft I'm going to start doing some research on my next project. Amber Allure has a call out for Gothic Romance and I've had an idea percolating in the back of my mind for a couple of years now. I can't wait to dive into this one.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Conclave of the Great Illuminati - Or My Husband and Friends Come Out to Play

Okay this was a Facebook exchange that my husband started that had me cracking up a few weeks ago. This is pretty much how our relationship goes with our friends and between my hubby and me.

Hubby: Vote for me in 2016…I promise research into giant robots and I will fund that Death Star they’ve all been raving about. America will tread noisily and carry a bit stick…or a giant ball of death…whatever just vote for me.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Soundtrack Monday - Make Me Whole

So I’ve been posting pictures related to Make Me Whole for the last couple of weeks and I thought I’d change it up a bit and talk about soundtracks this week. I love music. I find it more inspiring than just about anything else. Certain songs will trigger stories, though that’s not the case here. This story was inspired by a couple of friends and they know who they are. However, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t still found songs that make me think of this story. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday

Thankfully, last weekend my husband helped me figure out a plot hole that had been nagging at me for weeks with Make Me Whole. I finally feel like I’m on the downward end of this 2nd draft. So I thought I’d give you a little something fun for this Six Sentence Sunday. Galen really puts himself in a predicament, but oh boy, I think he’s going to enjoy every second of it.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

How Much Good Luck/Dipwadery Can One Kid Have?

My son is a highly intelligent little boy, but sometime his complete lack of common sense combined with the luck of the truly clueless. His guardian angel works overtime and needs a day off. He’s charmed. I don’t know how else to explain it and he’s already shown that big time already in 2013. First there was the Airsoft Rifle incident where he pulled a Ralphie from The Christmas Story. He managed to emerge mostly unscathed except for the small cut on his eyelid and his first black eye. I still shudder when I think about it. At least he has a new respect for the rifle. I told him that the next time I see him without his protective eyewear the damn thing gets tossed. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Excerpt - Exceptions to the Rule

Exceptions to the Rule was the second release for Fae and me. I can't quite remember where we got the idea for it. I think it might've been for a Valentine's Day challenge on Romance Divas. My memory is mush these days. I do remember Jamie and his tattoo being an instant hit with us and how much we enjoyed writing the spanking scene. This here, is Jamie and Nathan's first kiss.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mancandy Thrursday

It's been a hectic few days. I had a deadline at my day job which finally ended yesterday and I home we've been trying to help my son with a last minute science fair project. That kid has an invisible luck dragon attached to him. It was due last week and he'd forgotten all about it, but because of the snow days he has until Friday to turn it in. We discovered this oversight on Monday when we were out celebrating his report card. Little twerp, only my boy could get in trouble like that mid-celebration.

However it's Thursday, and what better way to celebrate than a man in a kilt? Enjoy.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Story Picture Monday - Make Me Whole - Meet Amy & Rory

Nick is a lonely man with more than one abandonment issue. So it's not surprising that he'd have some pets. The cockatiels fit
in with his sometimes busy schedule. The geek in him, and his mancrush on Rory Williams is what prompted him to give the birds their names, Amy and Rory. These two like to listen to the radio that Nick will turn on for them. They'll bob their heads to the music. They also like to have the windows open in the morning. Here's a little bit of them interacting with Nick. 

Rory glided into the kitchen and landed on his shoulder.  His talons dug through the thin t-shirt as he shifted and found his balance.  Amy called out to him from the living room and Rory answered with a series of whistles and ended his talk with a gentle nibble on Galen’s ear.

“Oh you have time for me now is that it?” Nick said.

When I was younger, I used to do household chores for a lady down the street. I think I made $.50 an hour. She was a sweetheart and she had two cockatiels too, though both of hers were gray. They’d glide through her apartment too and loved to hang out on her big mirror in the bedroom. They really are beautiful birds.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Six Sentence - Make Me Whole

This week’s Six Sentence Sunday is also from Make Me Whole. Galen has some issues with driving and Nick is trying to help him with it in a driving lesson. Enjoy.

Galen found himself putting the car in drive and it crept forward a few feet. His heart started hammering. He gripped the wheel tighter. “Hey.” Nick touched his wrist and Galen heard the concern in his voice. “It’ll be okay. Trust me.”
“It’s not you I don’t trust.”

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Salad Soup

I think I’m one of those rare people who actually enjoys the cold and the snow. (Not to mention I’m a morning person.) I need to have all four seasons. And this winter has been entirely too warm. Until this week I haven’t needed my gloves or my hat and as a consequence, I have no fricken clue where they are. It finally feels like winter. I love the crunch of snow, the squeaky sound it gets when it’s really cold, though that doesn’t happen often in Southern Maryland.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Excerpt - "Snowbound, Lovebound?"

Until my husband and I get this new joint project we’re poking at off and running I think I’ll post excerpts from my backlist starting with the very first story Fae and I put out there. “Snowbound, Lovebound?” is from Dreamspinner Press’s Mr. Right Now Anthology. Bryan Tam and Jimmy Murphy are co-workers stuck in a car together in a snowstorm. Each knows how to get under the other’s skin and as the tempers flare, so do the sparks. We love these two. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mancandy Thursday - NSFW

Okay all I can say is hot frickin' damn. When I first saw this story he made me think of Dexios. The warrior who was turned into a statue 2,000 years ago. Gorgeous isn't he? 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday News

There isn’t too much to report this week. Now that work has eased up I feel like I’m finally making progress on “Make Me Whole.” I’ve edited two of the chapters and wrote a new scene. Please cross your fingers. I’m really looking to finish the 2nd draft within a week. Every time I start, I seem to get interrupted.
 In other news, “Ghosts in the Wind” came in at 22 on the pre-editors and editors poll. Which I think is pretty freaking cool that it was even nominated.
 I beta read an awesome story last week, a wonderful m/m fantasy that filled me with glee. She’s going to be subbing it this week, so as soon as I have more information I’ll pass it on.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Loyal Dogs and Encouraging Letters

I love reading stories that make me smile and I found two this week. The first one has to do with pets. I have been blessed with some pretty amazing pets over the years. This story reminded me of Shaq, our Shepard/Irish Setter/Chow mix. He was a beautiful, sweet, intelligent dog and he adored my dad. If there was ever a dog in our family who would've been this loyal, it was our Shaq. I miss him.

The second link made me cry in a good way. I love hearing about people reaching out to others who are hurting. We need more stories like this, I think it speaks for itself.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Story Picture Monday - Make Me Whole - Renovated Museum

Today I wanted to introduce Galen’s pride and joy, the museum that he’s sunk his entire inheritance in. Before I knew the city they were in I knew that I wanted Galen to renovate something interesting, something with history. Originally, it was a warehouse, but I discarded that quickly. Then my husband suggested that I use a cab depot, which I toyed with at first, but I had a hard time envisioning it.