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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Updates

I have been a busy, busy bee lately. My boys were sick over the weekend so they occupied a lot of my attention. This was the first time my son ever had the stomach flu and I'm pretty sure he was convinced that he dying. (He's a tad on the dramatic side.) And at work one of the other legal secretaries is out exploring the Maldives for the next two weeks, so I have her attorneys to support as well. It's been hectic, so hectic.

"Make Me Whole" is out with beta readers and I expect to get the notes back within a week. I'm excited to get Galen and Nick submitted. In the meantime I've started two new stories, both of them have been on my mind for a number of years. One of them is a Gothic Romance, set outside late 19th century Paris. The second is a novella all about baseball and the boys who love it. This one involves two men who had once been teammates, then rivals, and now that they're retired, they're looking at becoming something more to each other.

This weekend I'm going to be at the Virginia ComicCon with my husband. So if you're in the Richmond area on Sunday stop on by. I believe it's free to get in. The details are under the Upcoming Appearances-Events tab on the webpage.

I'm sorry for the couple days of quiet. I am trying to be better about blogging more often.


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