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Friday, February 1, 2013

Excerpt - Exceptions to the Rule

Exceptions to the Rule was the second release for Fae and me. I can't quite remember where we got the idea for it. I think it might've been for a Valentine's Day challenge on Romance Divas. My memory is mush these days. I do remember Jamie and his tattoo being an instant hit with us and how much we enjoyed writing the spanking scene. This here, is Jamie and Nathan's first kiss.
* * * * *

Two men with nothing in common, a strip club on a Tuesday night, and a meeting that will forever change the rules. Nathan Daniels and Jamie Nolan are from two different worlds, but under the facades and packaging they are more alike than they think. Suit and tie meets leather and tattoos as a financial analyst and a bartender find out that falling in love is everything the storybooks say, even when it's the X-rated version.

* * * * *
Several blocks down, they were waiting at the crosswalk when Jamie pulled their hands from his pocket and slid his free arm around Nathan’s waist. A jolt went through Nathan as he turned toward him and was snared by brilliant green eyes.
Jamie splayed his free hand on Nathan’s back. Even through the coat, Nathan could imagine the warmth of his palm. Jamie’s voice was quiet and a soft smile played around his lips. “I’m going to kiss you, Nathan.”
Nathan swallowed and nodded as Jamie pulled him closer and dipped his head. Even though he’d expected it, Nathan was still surprised by the bolt of electric reaction that slammed into him at the first light brush of their lips against each other. The shock of anticipation realized coursed down his spine and all it did was whet his appetite for more.
Jamie tasted like heaven. Soft, warm lips, his breath fanning Nathan’s face, it was perfection and he was astounded by the impact of a mere brush of lips against lips.
He pressed himself closer to Jamie, curling his fingers in the other man’s jacket, his lips parting as Jamie’s mouth brushed over his again. His heart pounded. In the course of a couple of hours, Jamie had him breaking more rules than he’d even known he had.
Any other man and Nathan wouldn’t be taking him home with him. They’d be going to a hotel and he wouldn’t have held his hand walking down the street with him, much less kiss him on a street corner. With Jamie it was natural, which should be frightening, but instead was exhilarating. Nathan felt freer than he had in a long time.
He nibbled on the strange sensation of Jamie’s lip ring and sighed as the other man deepened the kiss, their tongues sliding against each other, exploring, and then it was gone. Nathan blinked up at Jamie, forgetting where they were because he wanted to kiss him again. The one taste had been too brief.
Jamie chuckled and brushed his finger against Nathan’s lower lip. “You’re gonna kill me with those eyes, you know.”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Nathan said, squirming a little inside as he took Jamie’s hand again while they crossed the street. He looked sideways at the other man. He was sure Jamie was entirely aware of his own impact. The other man carried himself with an innate confidence. Nathan just wasn’t used to thinking of himself in the same terms.
“And that’s half of your appeal, honey,” Jamie said.
* * * * *

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