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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Coming Soon - Triquetra Trilogy

Coming on September 30th, the Triquetra
When vampire Kristair binds his heart and soul to a human vessel in an ancient ritual, he never expects to fall in love with Jacob Corvin as well. As The Syndicate moves in to discover the secrets Kristair hold, the bonded pair will discover that not even death can separate them. Unfortunately, it won’t stop their enemies from coming after them, either.
Cover Artist: My Heart Is Within You Cover Artist: DWS Photography. Haunted by Your Soul Cover Artist: DWS Photography. Our Sacred Balance Cover Artist: DWS Photography. Triquetra bundle Cover Design by Alexandria Corza.

I'm excited. I loved Jake and Kristair. They were so much fun. I keep wanting to revisit them. Check in later for some excerpts and if I can my microphone to work, even one that I'll read. :D