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Sunday, August 5, 2012

DC OutWrite

Yesterday I went to the DC OutWrite Book fair down on U Street with Jo from the Goodread group.  I don’t know why I didn’t bring my camera yesterday that was short sighted of me since Dreamspinner Press had a table there.  I had the pleasure of seeing Andrew Grey and his husband again as well as meeting John Simpson and his husband, Michael Murphy, Greg Hogben and Elizabeth North, the owner extrodinaire of Dreamspinner Press!  Plus I picked up books, I am such a sucker for books and July was so busy with work that I’ve had little time to read or write or edit.

All of the authors had recent releases out.  John Simpson & Robert Cummings had Murder on a Queen, Greg Hoben had The British Devil, Michael Murphy had Little Squirrels Can Climb Tall Trees, and Andre Grey had Unconditional Love which is another story in his Seven Days series.  I love that concept.

I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed it was so hot because Ben's Chili Bowl was right across the street and in all the years that I’ve lived in the DC area I haven’t had a chance to go.  I had been looking forward to it, but my appetite disappears when I’m hot. 

Jo and I met many other local authors and as soon as I can locate all the promo material I collected I’ll post about my experiences with them.  It’s a nice mix of fiction and non-fiction.  They also had readings next door.  Despite the lack of air conditioning I would definitely go again next year.