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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

I am going to be wrapping up the rough draft of my cursed statue story, Make Me Whole, this week.  I have a chapter and an epilogue to write.  Then I’ll take a week or so to flesh out this sci-fi idea I got last week.  I’ll work on the notes and the characters a bit so it can percolate in the back of my head.  Once I get the second draft of the statue story done, Galen and Nick are off to beta readers.  I hope to have them submitted by the beginning of August at the latest.

Since I’m so close, I thought I’d share a little snippet in celebration and motivation.  Please excuse Nick’s language.  He’s a little upset right now and soaking wet to boot after a tussle that landed him in a fountain.  Being hounded by a statue that’s come to life hasn’t improved his mood much either. 

* * * * *

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blog Hop Against Homophobia

Hop Against Homophobia

Today is International Day Against Homophobia and I would like to think that because it's 2012 that we as human beings should be above discrimination.  Yet, as much as I would like to think that, as much as I can be an optimist, I see signs of discrimination every day.  I see it directed toward my husband and son because we're an interracial family.  I see it directed toward my cousin who is gay.  I see it directed toward members of my community who are suffering from mental illnesses.  And all of it hurts.  It hurts the individual, it hurts the community, it hurts everyone.  And it needs to stop.

Adorkable Totes - Kristair
And what really saddens me sometimes is that people just can't see it.  They can't see the damage they cause with careless remarks.  They can't see how close-minded their world view is. 

A friend of mine recently tried to commit suicide because of all of this isolation and misplaced hatred.  He felt so alone.  I wish he hadn't moved so far away.  I wish he had called me that night so I could've told him that he wasn't alone.  I love him.  I miss him.  I hope he finds a partner worthy of his generous heart.  I'm so thankful that he wasn't successful and that he found a friend close by that he could reach out to.  I just don't want to see it happen again.

Adorkable Totes - Triquetra
I'm joining in with a whole group of other m/m authors and organizations to celebrate this day.  We're all giving away prizes.  So click on the link above and visit them and see what they have to offer too.  As for myself, I'm giving away three prizes to three winners.  Two of them are books, ebook or signed print, winner's choice from my backlist.  And the third is something special that my cousin made for this day.  A painted tote bag with Kristair from my vampire trilogy on one side and the triquetra symbol on the other.  Please leave a comment with your email address and what prize you would like and I'll enter you in the drawing.  I'll draw and post a winner on the 21st.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Coming Soon

It’s so exciting to say this, but I have an upcoming release in the works.  I signed a new contract last week with Dreamspinner Press for my ghost story.  Ghosts in the Wind will be part of their Halloween line up.  Here’s the unofficial blurb:

Andrei Cuza and Dean Marshall just celebrated the ten year anniversary of their commitment ceremony only to have their happiness shattered.  On his way home from closing a business deal, Dean stops on the side of the parkway to help a young mother with her flat tire when her ex catches up with her.  Blake Olsen murders her and Dean and takes off with his two kids.

Andrei has been haunted by ghosts all of his life and bears the guilt for his younger sister Ileana being stuck in limbo.  When Dean returns to him as a ghost the double-punch of losing him and now having to watch him founder if he doesn’t move on is almost more than Andrei can bear.  Ghosts are stuck at the moment they died, unable to adapt to the changes in their living loved ones.

Dean has made a promise though and until he helps Andrei track down the missing kids, he isn’t going anywhere.  There are dangers in limbo that Andrei doesn’t know about, hounds that devour souls who succumb to their anger and they’re hunting Dean.  And dangers to Andrei as well, who pays a price so he can have Dean’s touch one more time.  Time is slowly running out as Dean and Andrei try to figure out how to say goodbye while they track down a killer who’d be more than happy to kill again.

Keep checking in and as I go through the editing process I’ll share more snippets and tidbits about Andrei and Dean.