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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday - Dark Things

So I started two new stories this week, the first one is a novel tentatively titled Dark Things. I’ve had the idea rattling around my head for awhile, but it was a call from Amber Quill Press for a Gothic Romance that made it finally gel in my mind. These sentences are from the first chapter where Michel-Léon’s valet expresses his concern over Michel-Léon’s duties as a Chevalier de Rouen.

* * * * *

Janvier frowned as he stared at the envelope. “If I may… I never involved myself in your father’s affairs out of both respect and fear. He sought dark things and those things ate his soul raw. I watched him die two deaths and could nothing to stop either.” He looked at Michel-Léon, his blue eyes clouded with age and worry. “I will not lose you the same way, Michel-Léon, not on that same dark path.”

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