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Monday, June 10, 2013

Story Picture Monday - Until the Lilacs Bloom

Ever since my son was a few years old we'd go to the Outer Banks for a week with some friends from high school and college. At first we used to go around Mother's Day, until the year it storm almost the entire week, then we switched to the fall and now go Labor Day week. We've arrived twice right after a hurricane, but we've been lucky to have sunny days while we are there.

We love the Outer Banks. It's quiet and laid back. I really get a chance to relax there. Some nights we go out, other nights we go to the farmer's market and the whole gang eats around the table. We look forward to this trip the entire year. Twelve weeks and counting till the next one!

I took these pictures the last night we were on vacation the last time we were in the Outer Banks. We've been all up and down the coast but I believe this time we were around Nags Head.

The Outer Banks is the setting in two stories actually. The final third of Ghosts in the Wind took place here as Andrei hunted down a killer. But in my new story, Until the Lilacs Bloom, it's a much more peaceful setting. In fact, it's on a summer night just like this where AJ and Trey share their first kiss. They'd taken the Jeep out after dinner to have a little privacy to talk and figure out their attraction to each other. Then stretched out on the blanket and watched the waves come in.
I wish you could see the colors in the water the way I'd seen them that night and the way Trey sees them. These pictures don't do it justice at all.

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