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Monday, August 19, 2013

One Week and Counting

Pre-Order Link, Cover Art by Melissa Gay
Hello everybody!

Whooohooo, Make Me Whole is going to be released one week from today. I don't know about y'all, but I'm wiggling with excitement. And during release week I'll be on Joyfully Jay that Monday and on The Armchair Reader that Wednesday giving away a copy each so stop by and check it out.

After a grueling battle in ancient Greece, lovers Dexios and Lykon committed their lives to each other in the name of Goddess Cythera. After the war, fearing the strength of his love for Dexios, Lykon abandoned his vow and returned home. Heartbroken, Dexios called on Cythera, who changed him into four unfinished statues. In that form he would wait for his fickle lover to return, break the curse, and make him whole.

Thousands of years have passed when Galen Kanellis finds the disassembled pieces in the storeroom of a Seattle museum and makes them the focus of his new exhibit. Needing information, he contacts his ex-lover Nick Charisteas. Nick has a lifelong dream of finding the Dexios Collection, and the last thing he expected was for it to wind up in the hands of the man who broke his heart. As both men search for answers about the statues, worries of abandonment and fear of loss test their renewed relationship, threatening to separate them again—this time permanently.

I have a few other things going on this week. Tomorrow I'll be talking about "Dreams and Plot Bunnies," Wednesday I have a surprise :-D so be sure to stop by and check it out, Thursday I'll be discussing Kim Knox's new m/m release Agamemnon Frost. If you've never read her before, I'm telling you she's awesome.

Ooooh, and if you're interested in contest, the amazing C.M. Torrens is doing a giveaway on her blog this week. She's giving away a copy of her spicy little short "One Night to Change." Plus at the end of the month she's giving away a gift card to a commenter so stop by. http://cmtorrens.com/.

I think that's all for today. Edits are done, whoohooo, vacation is coming double whoohooo! So maybe I'll stop running around like a maniacal lemming.



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