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Monday, January 28, 2013

Story Picture Monday - Make Me Whole - Meet Amy & Rory

Nick is a lonely man with more than one abandonment issue. So it's not surprising that he'd have some pets. The cockatiels fit
in with his sometimes busy schedule. The geek in him, and his mancrush on Rory Williams is what prompted him to give the birds their names, Amy and Rory. These two like to listen to the radio that Nick will turn on for them. They'll bob their heads to the music. They also like to have the windows open in the morning. Here's a little bit of them interacting with Nick. 

Rory glided into the kitchen and landed on his shoulder.  His talons dug through the thin t-shirt as he shifted and found his balance.  Amy called out to him from the living room and Rory answered with a series of whistles and ended his talk with a gentle nibble on Galen’s ear.

“Oh you have time for me now is that it?” Nick said.

When I was younger, I used to do household chores for a lady down the street. I think I made $.50 an hour. She was a sweetheart and she had two cockatiels too, though both of hers were gray. They’d glide through her apartment too and loved to hang out on her big mirror in the bedroom. They really are beautiful birds.

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