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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Risks of Substituting for Your Son's Class

So my husband has recently started working again. He’s substitute teaching in our county and still working on getting his comics going. He’s come home with some great stories and he seems to be really enjoying himself, though he’s having some encounters he never expected. Last Friday he was subbing at my son’s school, running the computer lab. And my son’s class happened to have computer lab that day. In the midst of doing their projects, one little girl called my husband over, now this particular little girl has had a crush on my son for ages, and so has her friend.

Little girl: “Can I ask you a question and will you tell me the truth?”
Husband: “Sure. What do you need?”
Little girl points to her friend who is listening to the conversation: “Which one of us do you think Chris should get with?”
My husband blinks several times as he scrambles for an answer. “Um, I’m staying out that. That’s between you, her and Chris.”

The little girl actually took that in stride and thanked my husband, lol. But I’m seriously starting to get visions of how crazy it’s going to be in a few years. I’m not sure I’m ready for it.

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