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Monday, January 14, 2013

Story Picture Monday – Make Me Whole - Warren Cup

I love going to museums and seeing old things and seeing the things that I've studied and read about. In college I took a lot of Art History courses and Washington, DC is blessed with many free museums. One of these days I would love to travel overseas and visit some of the museums in London and Paris. One of the things I’m dying to see in person is the Warren Cup. A friend of mine went to London last year and took these pictures of it for me.

      Now, the Warren Cup doesn’t appear in Make Me Whole, though Galen’s assistant Suzane expresses her wish to have it for the new exhibit that is opening up in a few months. But a good portion of the story does take place in a museum and the new exhibit is themed around homo-erotic art. So I thought I would share a few pictures of the famous cup.
       The new exhibit in Make Me Whole is centered around four ancient Greek statues that Galen mysteriously finds in his storage room. The four statues depict one man, in what seems to be erotic positions, but the other half of the statue seems to be missing. And Galen’s search to discover what happened to the statues leads him on a crash course to his ex-lover Nick, part-time wreck diver and lover of Art History.
Only Nick knows a lot more about these statues and the curse that surrounds them than he’s telling. Ooohh I do love these boys.

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