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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday – Make Me Whole

I’m back in the editing game after a couple of hectic weeks at work and getting over a post-holiday bad cold. This is going to be the week of busting ass on this 2nd draft of museum/statue story that I have been working on forever it seems. There have been so many interruptions this year that I’ll be relieved when I can get Galen and Nick off to betas readers. So without further ado, here is this week’s Six Sentence Sunday. Actually it’s nine sentences, but who’s going to quibble?

* * * * *

“After you were cursed, did you get to see him at all?  Did you have any of those moments in your lifetime?”
Lykon looked back toward Dexios, his eyes far away.  “Just once, as I was dying.  She relented and he held me until the end.”  He looked back at Galen, his eyes penetrating.  “I wasn’t alone, do you understand?”
Galen nodded.  Oh yeah, that he understood.