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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Six Sentence Sunday - Pandora

Well, this year I’ve been busting my butt working on two stories as opposite from each other as they can be. One of them is my erotic sci-fi/horror that’s coming out in a boxed set sometime in October. I finally turned it in yesterday and my brain is fried, but here’s the blurb and a quick Six Sentences around the man they rescued.

"Repairs in Asteroid Field" Artist Sebastian Zakrzewski
Haunted by the screams of the men he executed, ex-Marine medic Riff Korra is sentenced to life onboard a prison ship. Seeking more punishment for his crime, he strikes a deal with the corrupt Captain Vidal, his payment an exchange of pleasure and pain, and forges a new life leading the team that surveys space wreckage for salvage.
For ship engineer Zed Jakobsen, his psychometric abilities make prison a sentence worse than death, and the barrage of emotional stimuli are an unending torment. His only regret is that he didn’t kill the monster who sent him to prison. His only reason to live is to find a chance to escape a sentence he didn’t deserve.
When they board a derelict ship, and discover a lone survivor, the hell of prison life plunges into horror. An epidemic of violence and insanity consumes their ship, driving the crew to murder and destruction. Mutual need and attraction draw Riff and Zed together, and their bond gives them strength to fight the hallucinations. But Vidal possesses the only means of escape from the nightmare, and he’s not letting anyone leave alive.

“I’m as lost in the dark as the rest of you.” Noyes spread his hands in a helpless gesture that seemed incongruent with his steady gaze. “I have no claim to expertise in human anatomy as you. There was madness. There was death. And I was alone.”