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Friday, September 18, 2015

New Release and Contest! - Other Side of the Line - And a Sale!

Caleb Hudson and Hal Zimmer became best friends the day they stood up against the schoolyard bully together. Life’s complicated enough with their friendship crossing racial lines in 1960s Charleston, South Carolina, but as time passes, they realize it’s more than their friendship that sets them apart from other kids. At first, Caleb denies his feelings for Hal could be more than companionship. He supports his friend when Hal admits he’s gay, but Caleb isn’t ready to face his own truth.

Hal becomes a staunch antiwar protester, and the divide between them widens after Caleb is drafted. But when Caleb returns from Vietnam, the time for denial is over. His homecoming sets off a series of events that force Caleb and Hal to confront their desires and what lines they’re willing to cross to get what they truly want out of life.

"Other Side of the Line" is out at Dreamspinner Press today! Leave a comment about what you liked about the story, or a favorite character, or a memorable moment that made you laugh, cry, or get mad and be entered in a contest to win a beautiful sweetgrass basket from the Charleston Market! The contest will run for the next 30 days. You can leave the comment here on the blog, or on my Facebook or Twitter. All comments count as an entry.

And from the 18th-20 "All Bets are Off" (including French & Italian translations), "Ghosts in the Wind" and "Make Me Whole" are only $0.99 at Dreamspinner. Enjoy!


  1. Angela:

    Congrats on the release of Other Side of the Line, I like the blurb and the cover is beautiful :) As for getting mad when reading books: When i read the first pages of Defined by Deceit by AE Via i got really angry with one of the characters i loved it that a book could get that emotion from me. It was a great read and thankfully everything worked out fine :)

    Thanks for the giveaway chance

  2. I also love it when a book can get to me like that. Thanks Angela.

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