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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday Updates

Hello everybody. I cannot promise I'll update every Wednesday, cause let's face it, you know my track record. I have the attention span of a kitten who O.D. on catnip. I'm also as slow as molasses when it comes to writing and editing so if there hasn't been any significant progress then I probably won't post and I give you all permission to slap me around a little. I need something to keep me honest.

On that note, today I finished the rough draft of the Christmas story I'm writing for Eli and Ash. It came in at seven chapters and just under 20,000 words. So tomorrow I'm diving into edits and fleshing out the details. And I'd dearly love to find an image this weekend to use as the cover. Fae Sutherland said she'd make up my cover and she does a fabulous job. So that's my first December project.

The other project is finishing up the 2nd draft of "Make Me Whole" my slightly magical statues, little bit of reincarnation set in a museum in Seattle. I just got back my husband's comments on a scene I was concerned about so I hope to finish up the edits in this section in a week. It should be doable, there are no more scenes to add here. So fingers crossed that it stays quiet and I can get some work done.

On that note I leave you with this picture of the Balsams. It's one of the last grand hotels and right now it's closed for renovations and I'm really hoping that it will reopen again. There are no words to describe how beautiful the place is. It's located at Dixville Notch, not far from my Grandmaman's place. I had wanted to have a few scenes of Eli and Ash there sometime, but I never did get to work it in. Ah well. They're there in my dreams.

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