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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Nano - Day 1 - The Monster Within

Since I'm wrapping up A Beautiful Disaster I decided to dive into National Novel Writer's Month this year with a brand new project. This year I'm also trying to plot things out more and I'm attempting the snowflake method. It's going much better this time than the first time I tried it. I think the trick for me is not to start cold. I need to let an idea percolate for a while and I've been percolating on The Monster Within for many years. It used to be called Mists on the Seine, but that title never worked for me.

It's my Lovecraft meets Hugo meets Verne story. The last Chevalier de Rouen and a vagabond must discover the secrets to the mists before the swarm hatches and devours Paris.

It's going to be a wild ride. Today I fleshed out our two antagonists and expanded my synopsis. I'm discovering more about this world every day. As much as I wanted to do it sooner, plot elements wouldn't gel, and I couldn't figure out how the mists led to the missing people. Sitting in ICU with my husband this summer gave me a lot of time to think about it and I worked out a lot of what was blocking me. But I had the geeks to finish.

Now it's time to dive into a darker world. Today I'd like you to meet my two heroes. Michel-Leon Parisee, the Baron de Dagonville and the last Chevalier de Rouen. And Constantin Severin, a wandering man of mystery who holds many dangerous secrets.

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