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Monday, April 2, 2012

Cut Scenes

I hate having to cut scenes because it takes me so long to write them in the first part.  Sometimes it’s necessary, though and I’ve learned to be ruthless when I have to.  It doesn’t mean I don’t hold onto them though.  There have been a few occasions when I’ve been able to use them later on.

Back when I submitted the final book to my Triquetra Trilogy, Our Sacred Balance, there was an epilogue included.  At the time I was unsure about the epilogue.  I liked the way that it brought the whole series full circle, but I wasn’t sure that it was necessary because the final chapter clearly showed that Jacob and Kristair had their HEA.  I submitted it anyway and asked my editor for her opinion and we concluded that the sweet tone didn’t fit a series that had been chock full of blood, violence and sorrow.

I thought that those who were a fan of the series, might like to have a little peek at this cut scene.  I miss these two.  I hope you enjoy.

* * * * *


“You shouldn’t be here,” Jacob hissed, slipping into the equipment room at Heinz Field, his blue eyes snapping.

“Yet, here you are, agreeing to meet me,” I replied, my gaze raking over him in his gold pants and black jersey.  My blood stirred at the way the fabric clung to muscled thighs.  “I had to see you in your uniform before your first professional game.  Don’t worry Jacob; I am very good at sneaking around.”

“You know if we get caught, I’m in big trouble.”

I sensed his nerves and excitement as I drew him into my arms.  He may look very desirable in his uniform, but the padding made embracing awkward.  “We won’t get caught, mo chroí.”  I leaned closer, touching my forehead to his, soothing away his tension and letting him feel my pride to see him on this day after all of his hard work and dreaming.

A few minutes later, I smiled and brushed my thumb along his jaw.  “Better?”

“You know it.”  Jacob grinned back at me, his nervous flutters replaced with the same kind of tense excitement I always experienced before a battle.  He slid his hand around the nape of my neck and gave me a heated kiss.  “Now get out of here and don’t distract me.”

“How would I do that?” I asked, assuming an innocent air.  “By sending you erotic images when you’re trying to concentrate?  I don’t know who would do something like that.”

“Bite me.”

The heat flashed higher, echoed in Jacob.  “Very tempting, I’ll take you up on that tonight.”  Before I got sidetracked any further I left.  Jacob did have to concentrate on the upcoming game; it would start before too much longer.

The stands were slowly filling up with tailgaters and diehard fans eager for the start of the regular football season.  I took my time heading back to my seat, savoring the aura of the stadium.  I had never actually had the chance to experience opening day before.  I could only watch taped games after the fact.  It was not even close to being the same.  There was a glorious energy here, an air of hope and rebirth.

I rarely spent the money I’d gathered over the centuries on splurging, but in this case, season tickets on the fifty-yard line were a necessity.  I paused at the railing, watching the pregame entertainment; though I paid little attention to singers I didn’t know as my thoughts wandered.  Jacob had worked toward this day for years, driven to prove himself and the really wondrous thing was that drive had disappeared.  Now Jacob played for the love of the game.

I’d wanted to shelter him, preserve his innocence and he’d shown me that he could hold his own beside me and found his balance in the meantime.  He had changed since we’d met.  I suppose we’d both had.  Our bond had only gotten stronger in the last two months we completed each other in way I had never believed was possible. 

“Deep thoughts,” Jacob said in my mind.  “Procrastinating going back to your seat?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

Jacob snickered, amusement coloring his mind.  “I don’t know why you’re so uncomfortable around my Ma.  Maybe it’s because you know she looks at you and sees the man who tattooed and pierced me.”

I straightened, my eyes narrowing as Jacob’s amusement deepened.  “I had nothing to do with your piercings.  You had them before we met.”

“She doesn’t know that,” Jacob teased.  “And then I ran off with you and had a kid before marriage.”

“Don’t you have plays to go over?”

Jacob laughed again.  “I know you, love.  Now stop worrying about a woman who’s only five foot three.  You make me happy, that’s all she cares about.”  Then the force of Jacob’s mind faded as his attention was diverted and I turned back toward the stands.

Our whole family was there waiting.  Tony glanced over at me as I approached and he touched my mind in greeting.  Kayla sat next to Steve and was leaning over, her attention fixed on Rissa perched on Mrs. Corvin’s lap.  I sensed Rissa’s laughter as Kayla tickled her foot and smiled.  It had been far harder for Kayla to adjust to Rissa’s presence than Jacob or I. 

With our bond, we couldn’t bury our anger over everything we’d been through.  We had to deal with the pain, the sense of betrayal and being such a part of each other had helped.  The bond with Rissa had grown daily as well.  It was difficult to maintain a defensive wall when faced with her cheery, chirping greetings or her tears when one of us was upset.

I had met Jacob’s mother before, when he’d been drafted, that had been strange enough.  However, Jacob had insisted on letting her know a few pertinent details about what I had been and the odd people we knew.  I couldn’t deny him.  I knew he’d wanted a normal life and the truth was, our lives would never be what most would call normal.  Not with the people and the things that we knew.  Though as Jacob pointed out, this life was our normal and he was happy with that.

It was still enough to make me wonder what she thought of when she looked at me.  I can’t say that I’d be happy if Kayla fell in love with a former vampire.  Not that she’d ever give me a say in who she dated.

I made my way past other spectators, greeted Tony and Steve, and then took my seat between Kayla and Mrs. Corvin, giving them a nod.  “You were gone for a long time, Kris.”  Kayla’s eyes danced and her expressive mouth quirked in a smile.  “How’s Jacob doing?” 

“Excited, but he’ll be fine.”  There was no point in denying I had gone to see him, she knew me far too well.  “I see that you’ve gotten into the spirit of things, little one.”  I nodded at the foam hand she’d acquired while I was gone.  “Have you changed your opinion on football?”

“How could I not, you were a bad enough influence, add in Steve and Jake’s enthusiasm and a girl didn’t stand a chance.”  Kayla leaned around me and caught Rissa’s attention away from the toy Mrs. Corvin held in her hand by tickling her foot again.  “You’re not going to stand a chance.”

Rissa giggled and squirmed her foot away, offering me a beaming smile when she saw that I’d returned.  Gravely, I extended my pinkie to her and she latched onto it with another laugh.  “You ready to watch your dad play, bright one?”

An image of Jacob appeared in her mind, his face seeming much bigger from her point-of-view, his blue eyes twinkling with that special look he had for her.  And with that image came a wave of love.  Those two were such suckers for each other.

“It is uncanny how she responds to you when you’re so serious all the time, Kristair,” Mrs. Corvin said.  She had Jacob’s eyes and the same laughter in them that he often had.  “Do you ever smile?”

“It’s been known to happen.”  I reached for Rissa.  “Do you wish me to take her?”

“That’s okay, we’re getting to know one another.”  Mrs. Corvin smiled down at Rissa and pulled her thumb free from her mouth.  “Aren’t we Rissa?”  That penetrating gaze came back to me.  “Jacob never did say why the two of you didn’t wait before starting a family though.”

“Madam, you know your son when he gets his mind set on something.”

“Oh no you didn’t, that’s so wrong, Kristair.” Steve chuckled and slipped his arm around Kayla’s shoulders.

However, Jacob’s mother was nodding.  “That is true.”

“Kristair, stop trying to throw me under the bus.”

“Yet you see how quickly she agrees.  She knows you well.” I replied to my lover, but I relented.  It wasn’t a teasing matter.  “In truth, Madam, she had no one, she would’ve been lost if we hadn’t taken her in.  She had nowhere else to go.”

“Speaking from experience, I can say that Kris has never been able to turn his back on someone when they needed help,” Kayla said, grinning as I shifted uncomfortably.  “Not if he considered them family.”

“Relax, Kristair, she’s gonna love you.”  With that Jacob laid a hard mental kiss on my lips and I sensed the sudden upsurge of excitement as the announcer introduced the visiting team.  My eyes scanned the field and I leaned forward waiting for that first glimpse of my lover as he came out onto the field with the rest of his team amongst fanfare.

My heart thundered with his, pride and triumph, as I spotted his familiar figure.  Number 30.  Jacob Corvin.

A grin broke out over my face as another loving thought touched me.  “Yeah, yeah, yeah… don’t forget, you’re mine too.”


  1. awwww. Great cut scene!

  2. Thanks so much! I love these guys!

  3. It has been such a long time since I read this trilogy that I had a hard time at the beginning of this, but halfway through it I was able to remember everything that I had read. Funny how I could remember the entire trilogy just by reading these few paragraphs. Thanks for adding this, it was nice to revisit these characters again.

    I am going to buy a new book today (because it has been too long since I've read anything) so I will look for your book specifically at Rainbow eBooks.

  4. This is just awesome!! I miss these guys and Tony was there! And why does Rissa still make me nervous? Even as a baby? LOL!!